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Capital Improvement Plan

Each year the Sewer Authority updates the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to schedule future developments to the sewer system and infrastructure throughout the sewer service area.

The CIP is a 5 year plan outlining the necessary upgrades needed for infrastructure construction and reconstruction. These improvements will be valuable in providing the Authority with necessary tools needed to promote community growth and development.

In this section, we highlight some recent upgrades to our infrastructure.

The Sewer Authority has put together the following presentation, which shows several improvements we have made.

Planned Studies and Infrastructure Upgrades

The Borough of Conshohocken Authority intends to upgrade its wastewater treatment facility.

The Borough of Conshohocken Authority will undertake an odor control study, inspect and repair deficient portions of the Authority's 21 miles of pipe infrastructure and use a GIS Mapping System to identify deficiencies within the collection conveyance system as part of its five-year capital improvement plan.

The plan is the five-year roadmap for creating, maintaining and funding current and future infrastructure requirements. It addresses the Authority's needs related to the acquisition, expansion, and rehabilitation of long-lived facilities and infrastructure and serves as a planning instrument to identify needed capital expenditures and to coordinate the financing and timing of improvements in a way that maximizes the return to the Authority's 3,000 customers.

It is not the same as the capital budget, which represents the first year of the five-year capital improvements plan and once approved authorizes specific projects and appropriates, where applicable, specific project funding during that fiscal year.

Wastewater treatment projects

  • Odor Control Study
  • Influent meter
  • Solids handling Study (Digester A and Digester B)
  • Rotating Biological Contactor Train C Units 1-9 engineering study

Odor Control Project

RBC Train C Replacement

Collection system projects

These projects support the 21 miles of underground pipe infrastructure. This system conveys wastewater to the treatment plant.

  • GIS Mapping System is new technology that assists the collections department identify deficiencies within the collection conveyance system and keeps the Authority's pipe infrastructure current with the location of manholes and pipe throughout the borough.
  • Collection Rehabilitation is an ongoing effort to keep I/I to a minimum. The collection department is aggressively inspecting over 20 miles of sewer pipe. As deficiencies are located, the Authority gathers this information and goes out to bid to fix the deficiencies.

If you have questions about any of the projects feel free to contact us. Thank you for your interest in BCA. It's our pleasure to strive toward building bridges of understanding with everyone we serve, now and in the future.

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